New Fuel-it! Port Injection Packages

Dec 14, 2016
Hey guys,

We've been getting a lot of requests for package discounts and additional options to save money on your build.

For those or you that are BYOB or (Building Your cars On a Budget), we have begun offering the DIY version of our port injection kits. In addition to that we have also created a some packages for you based on your power goals or budget that are further discounted with the following code: $150offdiyp that you can enter at checkout.

Those packages can be found here...

They are pretty basic to keep things simple but include everything you need from a fueling perspective to achieve those goals or can be upgrade as needed with additional options. In addition should you choose you can add an ethanol sensor to the packages that will include the upgraded fuel lines and ethanol sensor.

The new budget oriented port injection kits feature the following...

Optional fuel return port
Optional boost reference port
100% billet aluminum construction
Machined to clear HPFP hardline line
Anodized to be compatible with all fuels
OEM gasket grooves with gasket retention tabs
In addition we have also made some other improvements that are getting very good feed back.

The biggest you'll notice is the HPFP hard pipe fitting. Both our Tee style and regular fitting now have our new Cam-Lock! style fitting that eliminates the plastic fitting and is easy to install. This does a better job of accommodating the non-standard profile of the HPFP hard pipe connection. It can be seen here...

And an example of our Tee style fitting include with our basic package.



For those of you that don't need the LPFP solution, you can also BYOB with the DIY kits that are ala cart allowing you to start with a basic port injection rail and build them up however you wish based on your budget and goals. Enter the code 50offdiy and all those kits start at $399.95

If you need clarification as to the options or how to assemble your kit, we've made a couple videos for you to reference.

As always, if you need help or have questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]*

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