Nelson Racing Wheel Review

Mellow Yellow

Jan 22, 2017
Work of art. That's the summary for all of you who do not want to read the post.

To start off, I originally ordered a wheel from Nelson Racing Wheel when they were first released. During the entire process, Steven was extremely helpful and his communication was great. The site is easy to navigate and makes your selections simple.

The wheel took a little over 5 weeks to get. Not sure how far down the list I was but I ordered just after the site went live so I'm sure there were quite a few orders. It took just as long as I suspected it would.

Packing of the wheel is very well done. The steering wheel even came wrapped in a draw bag. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of it.

The wheel is fantastic. The carbon fiber has 0 defects that I can see. It has an extremely high shine gloss on top and it super smooth everywhere. The stitching is perfect. No loose ends, threads, knots or bumps. Honestly, I can't find anything wrong with the wheel. The flat bottom takes a little getting use to but you won't really notice a feel difference unless you're doing something where you're turning the wheel big time such as reversing. Flat bottom (and top) is a customizable option though. The wheel feels thicker than the normal wheel but not sure if it actually is or just my imagination. Now I just need to order a set of the paddle shifters.

Overall, I would 100% recommend this product to anyone. Although I originally purchased this product, I was lucky enough to win the monthly contest here on Spoolstreet and receive my wheel for free. If I went back in time and had the option to buy it again, I would without hesitation. In fact, I think the wheel is under priced but hey that's a good thing.

Attached are a few pictures. Don't mind my floppy ac controls. I had to pull my Dynavin to send it out and get repaired. Feel free to post any questions. I'll answer them as best as I can.