N55 Pure Stage 2 Turbo Install.


Nov 19, 2016
Houston, TX
14 535i, 13 X3 35i
I was at the shop at about 8:45am, and had the car racked and ready by 9am. Completion was at roughly 5pm. So 8 hours to R&R the turbofold unit with the DV+ upgrade. This was a pretty relaxed pace with ample time to pound a few powerades and destroy a big bag of beef jerky.

The first matter of business was to setup the engine bridge over the engine compartment to support the driveline. I knew I would have to remove at least the passenger side engine mount arm.


From there it was time to raise the lift and get under the car. Both forward under panels need to come out for access. The ER downpipe I installed a few weeks ago greeted me with a nicely developing patina.


Removed the downpipe and was greeted with this sight


The next 2 hours is spend dropping the sway bar, steering rack, and removing the water pump for access to the oil and coolant supply lines to the turbo. Once those are out of the way you can reach all 15 of the turbofold mounting nuts and remove them.


Pure Stage 2 (left) Factory stock (right)


mmmm point milled billet goodness.



Factory stock exhaust wheel:


Pure Stage 2 exhaust wheel:


The Pure Stage 2 turbo unit with the Go Fast Bits DV+ unit installed, along with new orings, seals, ready to go back on the engine.



and finally the odd and ends taken off to get to the turbo:


All and all the job wasn't bad. My ankles and back are a bit upset with me standing looking up on concrete for 8 hours but I'll live. Packaging constraints weren't awful, but I mean they weren't great either. BMW is certainly endeavoring to fit 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag and it shows when you try to take it apart. If I were to do it again tomorrow I think I could have the job done in 6 hours or less. A lot of my time was spent trying to work around parts I ended up removing after having a stubborn attempt without doing so.... as to say knowing what all absolutely must be removed instead of feeling it out.

I pulled the fuel injector connectors to all 6 cylinders and cranked the engine until it was believed adequate oil pressure had filled the turbo. After that they were connected, DTC's caused by it cleared, and the engine started right up.

Exhaust tone is surprisingly changed. A bit deeper, and it sounds great. Mean as hell. I took most of the drive back home pretty easy as I was tired and not wanting to push my luck.

Mid to upper range torque is fat and abundant, although the car doesn't pull tremendously harder. Alex @ MissionPerformance told me while the existing Stage 1 tune would be perfectly drivable with the new turbo, to be able to use its full potential a reflash would be required.