Technical N54 DME Codes after valve cover gasket replacement


Jan 21, 2023
Hey Spoolstreet,

I've got a rather interesting one for someone to hopefully tell me the answer.

Had a (Pre existing valve cover oil leak).

I decided to do the valve cover gasket on my N54, so I took everything off to get to the valve cover and took it off. I used gasket maker on the valve cover to create a new seal for the time being as I need my car. Put the valve cover back on along with my new PCV Valve as the OEM one was a bit dodgy. Everything went smooth by the looks and sealed it nicely.

Plugged everything in (Far as I know šŸ˜), go to crank it over, and it started perfectly but shortly after about 20 seconds, it started to run rough and threw codes.

First start up
2A87 - DME: Exhaust VANOS, mechanism
2D2E - DME: Throttle-valve angle - intake- manifold vacuum, correlation.
3100 - DME: Boost-pressure control, deactivation (I think that's just limp mode because of other codes)

Cleared codes then took it for a drive and came back with

2A87 - DME: Exhaust VANOS, mechanism
3100 - DME: Boost-pressure control, deactivation

Decided to maybe clean both vanos's with some carby cleaner in case of it maybe being clogged for some reason
But no difference (May of ran a bit smoother, but could be placebo)

After cleaning
2A99 - DME: Crankshaft - exhaust camshaft, reference
3100 - DME: Boost-pressure control, deactivation

Seems like Exhaust VANOS, mechanism code went away..

Might think it's a failing VANOS but why did this randomly happen after changing the valve cover when previously, I've NEVER seen this code... I have fixed my long dreaded vacuum leak, could that be the cause because the cars running better now, it's now seeing other issues? Idk if that's how DME's work lol..

Also I've reset all my adaptions

Hopefully someone can help me, cheers! :)