MY 2010 E60 headache... advice


New Member
Jul 2, 2023

Hey guys, need some advice of where to go from here. I recently had to flatbed the car home due to a HPFP. Replaced it with a new unit.

While I was in there I did the following:
-Cleaned intake valves
-Replaced all vacuum lines
-Cleaned both VANOS solenoids using a 9 volt battery to cycle.
-Fresh oil change.
-Cleaned all sensors

In the past 12months the car has also had the following done:
-All 4 o2 sensors
-Ignition coils

Car drove great. Took it on a road trip to the East Coast NSX meet. On my way the car seemed to overboost as I was overtaking and the car cut all power briefly. Now here are the codes and the car doesn't even want to idle anymore.