Motiv Motorsport takes dyno record with 978whp [1000whp smoothing 0]


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
With smoothing 5, they hit 978whp which is a record. 1056.15 rwhp and 826.96 wtq is the figure on a dynojet using the STD correction factor and smoothing set to 0. Congrats to the @MOTIV Motorsport team for continuing to push!

Boost Box FTW!!! With WannaGOFAST approaching in a week we decided to hit the rollers to make sure everything was ready. The goal of the session today was to max out the Xona Rotor / TiAL Sport 105-68 we recently installed.
We needed a tune that would allow us to power through the 1/2 mile event and keep the car performing as it has been - this meant keeping torque low in order to get moving and keep traction. So we set up a "low boost" tune at around 27-28psi to start with at the event, a "medium boost" tune around 32-33psi and then an "all the boost" tune to possibly play with if we can keep traction (still running 17s).
Jake Hershorin Chris Kontos Bobby Downes from the MOTIV team would like to thank a lot of people. We could not have done this without all of our customers, friends, partners, familes etc.
MHD Tuning / Martial Hesse-Dréville, Jake Yamona, Ricky Fred, @Loudon County Exotics, @Greg Miller, IAP Racing, Kenneth Brown, Paul Sullivan, VR Speed Factory, @Tiago Viera, SPEC Clutch, RRT & RRT Racing, James Koukoulas, Wayne Moubray, James Clay, BimmerWorld, and so many others.
Whether you view this record as 978whp or MOTIV being the first to break 1000whp, we are just excited to hit the air strip next week. ENJOY!!!





May 4, 2017
Plano TX
Although it's not 1000hp (spikes don't count :tongueout:) this is serious f'n power that set the bar. I'm sure a legit 1000hp isn't far away...

But I want to see this thing on a 1/2mi run or a 1/4mi run...should be nasty.

Clean WHP

Apr 24, 2017
2010 135i Msport 6MT
in late july of this past summer I met Jake and the motiv crew at the VA wanna go fast 1/2 mile and he was a great guy to talk to. and I got to see this car in person, it was sick as fuck. although I didn't see any of the passes it made It was chilling at their booth along with their sick ass 135i custom wide body race car.

Just from the brief conversations I had with Jake in person about N54 stuff you could tell not only did he know his shit really well but hes a cool guy and nice to talk. Im just a dude with a fbo pump gas stock turbo n54 without even being a customer and he made time to talk to me about Motiv's plans and back then (about 6-7 months ago) I remember him saying they made into the low 900's and were going to turn things up from there. and here they are now.

If there is any company / vendor that deserves this, it's definitely motiv. they make the nicest quality stuff on our platform and also just good guys were are professional and stay out of all the b.s. that goes down. Big congratulations to motiv!


Platinum Vendor
Jan 23, 2017
Congrats! Hope to join you soon!

It's going to be a challenge getting the power down the 1/2 mile safely. Definitely 17" Hoosier drs. Start slow and build up. Something like 12psi 1st gear, 14psi 2nd gear, 20psi 3rd gear, and then by 4th and 5th you should be OK for full power unless the misfire gods strike. And be sure to have a Dragy or VBOX in the car recording so we know where the 1/2 mile record is when you set it. :)