FS MMP 1K 10sec Bmw 135i 6spd.


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Oct 3, 2018
BMW 135i, M6 v10 supercharged
Up for sale is this bad ass little 1 series. 113k miles. Words cant describe how Extremely Fast and Fun this car is. 620hp @20psi on pump street tune and 704 @ 25psi on e50 race tune. Ran a 10.8 @ 132mph back in 2018. been to track about 4 times. Adult driven. that run was done before i installed stage 3 fuel pumps and direct port injection..have a new e85 tune with more boost and power but havnt loaded it to the car yet. So with that said car will easily make close to 800hp to wheels ..I spent alot of money and time trying to get this car just rite. I fixed all major issues that N54's encounter I have all reciepts..
Mod list: MMP 1k's, relocation inlets, solid racing motor mounts, snapyse Bov with charge pipe, Precision raceworks coil pack, recently walnut blasted, VRSF 7.5" intercooler, downpipes, Snow Performance stage 3 methanol injection, Mfactory LSD, DSS 1000hp rated 2 axles, Precision raceworks stage 3 fuel pumps, index 12 injectors, BMP direct port injection, Spec Stage 3 clutch with lightened flywheel Custom carbon fiber Nelson Racing steering wheel, carbon fiber rear spoiler, wifi adapter MHD flasher tuned by Ken@ wedge performance..One of the fastest 6spd 135i's.. car will easily run low 10s with new e85 tune. I'm sure theres some other things I left out. These cars are getting harder to find. i bought car stock and had a shop install all the mods. 24k obo.


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