Misfires at WOT Bimmerlife and N20 Plugs


Jul 3, 2018
2010 335i Xdrive Sport
Hey guys, I'm completely confused with this.

I have bimmerlife coils with the stage 2+ MHD tune
Full Bolt on upgrades.
Upgraded dynamic autoworx 1300 HP rated turbos
Currently running 20 pounds of boost

I recently tried installing the N20 2 step colder plugs at the same time as I installed the bimmerlife coils. I'm getting cylinder 6 misfires even after swapping plugs and coils. The plugs (NGK 97506) were first gapped to .020 as BMS recommended but it was idling rough, bumped it down to .018 and idle is great but WOT gets misfire cylinder 6. It does randomly give me other cylinders as well but may once every 10 misfire codes. Also seeing shadow codes for super knocking in cylinders 1, 3 and 6. The plugs have just under 3,000 miles on them. The car is running somewhere around 600HP. Should i try the n54 or 1 step colder plugs?

I attached the MHD logs as well which include when a misfire happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • 2020-09-17 16_34_25 IJE0S v8.0 Stage 2+ 93oct_98ronAT_noALP.csv
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Jan 9, 2018
Just North of Detroit
BMW 335is
That log is not readable. Upload it to Datazap.

I suggest inspecting the plugs. I have just about the same setup as you and found my PR coil wires were shit and had to replace them. I had what looked like lighting strike on the ceramic part of the plugs.

I am two steps colder with I think .022 gap.