MHD N55e Open Beta DME Unlocks for your late model E Series! SSR|PERFORMANCE


After extensive closed beta testing - MHD is now offering open beta. Just update your MHD Flasher N55 App to the latest 1.20 version!


Since the procedure on late e-series cars (built after 03/2012) is a little bit different, here is a breakdown of the steps needed directly from the creators of MHD:
1. OBD Unlock via a one time bench flash. Here at SSR Performance we have the special tuner tools necessary to get your DME unlocked for MHD.
2. Install MHD like on early e-series N55 and N54 models. Just be careful with the "flash back to stock" operation. If you use this function then your ECU unlock is deleted and MHD can only be installed after the ECU is unlocked again. If you want stock power then use the "Stage 0" map.


Local Customers - Bring your car in and we will fully remove, bench unlock, and reinstall the DME for you to be able to load MHD directly from your phone or tablet. This process take about 4-6 hours (drop off preferred).
Non-Local Customers - Ship us your DME. Ship us your DME in a safely packaged box with a return shipping label of your preference (customer is responsible for everything shipping related). We will unlock all shipped in DME's same day and try our absolute best to have them shipped back the day we receive them. Once the DME is reinstalled into the vehicle, you will be able to load MHD onto your vehicle through OBD using the regular procedure.
• Forget the so called "BMW Tax", we will never overcharge for our work. A fair price is our promise to our customers..
• Brand new facility in the heart of Orange County (located just a minute away from Crevier BMW)
• Our knowledgeable and caring staff will make sure your car is handled with the highest quality and care in the industry (just ask any of our previous customers!)
• Our 5 Star rating across the board speaks for itself...



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We are more than happy to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding any of the above listed items! :) Please go ahead and shoot us a PM to get your DME unlock appointment scheduled! We can also provide any after market parts and bolt-ons that you may be interested in! :happyanim:​
Contact Info: Please feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have!
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1530 E Edinger Ave Unit 6, Santa Ana CA 92705 (open by appointment)


Aug 1, 2017
135i M package
So to be clear, this is for anyone who has a 2012+ newer that cannot simply use MHD flash, they ship the ECU to, you guys unlock it, and ship it back ready to be flashed by the user?