E9X MHD Datalogs Stage 1 and 1+ boost under target and negative STFT's


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Jun 1, 2024
Hi all,

Trying to find out if what I saw on my N55 E92 in the datalogs is normal or not.
Stg1: https://datazap.me/u/minulache/log-1...og=0&data=4-16 no boost leaks, changed the gaskets for the turbo inlet pips and the MAP sensor after a smoke test revealed it was losing around those parts ( datalog is after fixing)

I also put Stage 1+ for curiosity on the car, and the boost seems a bit better, but still under target and negative STFT:https://datazap.me/u/minulache/log-1-2nd

Also put the stock and stage 1+ datalogs in Virtual Dyno and the result is quite disappointing, only 10WHP difference powerwise.

Any ideas?