MG Flasher Support for BMW Gen 2 B48 & B58

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Oct 15, 2018
340i B58


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MG Flasher is proud to announce official support for the Gen 2 B48 and B58 platform. These vehicles use the newest MG1 Bosch ECUs (DME84T0 & DME86T0) with MCU TC29x (AURIX). After many of flashes on our development car G20 M340i and over a hundred beta users, we are finally opening the doors to the latest MG Flasher software.

A Flashing License provides access to our unique adjustable TCU torque limiter available only on these ECUs for B48 and B58 models. With our Custom Code implementation there is no need to skew the torque/load calculation model maps within the ECU to keep the limiter from triggering therefore giving us an unaltered torque value that is true within the ECU and TCU. This allows for accurate calculations, smooth shifting and no software trickery. On-The-Fly options for Aurix ECUs are under development. Stage 1 and 2 OTS maps will include options like removal of OPF, cold start, catalytic converter and speed limiter; adjustability for burbles and target engine cooling temperature is also available.

Please note, ECUs with software updates from 11/2019 and later may have OBD flashing security that require removal of the ECU to unlock via select Authorized Dealers or Tuners with specialized bench tools. Interested Dealers should contact us for exclusive access to a customized version of Magic Motorsport’s FLEX tool. We have also enabled 3rd party unlock support on these ECUs to help transition to MG Flasher. Best way to check your ECUs security level is to connect via our free app.

The following vehicles are supported:
G20/G21/G28 - 318i/320i/330i/M340i
G29 - Z4 sDrive20i/sDrive30i/M40i
G07 - X7
G06 - X6
G05 - X5
G02 - X4
G01 - X3
G11/G12 - 730i/730Li & 740i/740Li
G14/G15/G16 - 840i/840i
G30/G31/G38 - 520i/530i/540i
G32 - 630i/640i
A90 (J29) - Toyota Supra
F40 - M135i
If your vehicle is not listed here, please connect our free app and press “Check Support” to check if OTS maps are readily available for your specific ECU revision. We may be able to prepare them for you if not yet available.

We have prepared OTS maps for both B48 and B58 vehicles with excellent results. Our goal was to increase the performance and focus on creating safe and reliable calibrations that retain factory functions and safety features. From our many tests, our B58 OTS maps have modest gains; up to an additional 109 hp & 180 Nm (133 lb-ft) on stage 2 from stock! On 184 hp model B48 vehicles our stage 2 maps increase stock output by up to a whopping 156 hp & 201 Nm (148 lb-ft)! All attached dynos are measured in bhp except for the DynoJet B48 which is measured in whp.

B58 Gen 2
Stock: 382 hp & 500 Nm (369 lb-ft)
Stage 1: Up to 450 hp & 636 Nm (469 lb-ft)
Stage 2: Up to 495 hp & 680 Nm (502 lb-ft)

B48 Gen 2 184hp model
Stock: 184 hp & 270 Nm (199 lb-ft)
Stage 1: Up to 310 hp & 430 Nm (317 lb-ft)
Stage 2: Up to 340 hp & 470 Nm (347 lb-ft)

The new MG Cloud Log Viewer is available online and it is integrated with our professional logger built into the MG Flasher App. Tuner’s may customize which RAM addresses to log in order to get direct access to the ECU’s internal calculations. Users may upload logs directly to their cloud account after linking their API key with a new MG Cloud user account. We’re working on joining accounts together for ease of use. Have a look at the example logs Stage1 M340i G20 on our new MG Cloud Log Viewer:

Now that we have official support for these vehicles, our next steps are to create custom code including switchable maps, burbles, max cooling, and antilag. The goal is to enable in app adjustable custom code ON THE FLY, where flashing will NOT be required to change settings!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Thank you to our dealers who have all worked hard to test the flashing process and search for bugs. The many beta testers who allowed us to develop software directly on their vehicles and spend countless hours driving and logging. Finally, thank you to the huge fan base that has grown over the last few years, you motivate us to continue making MG Flasher better than ever!

We are looking forward to your feedback.

The MG Flasher Team

Photo credit: @edotuning


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