Maxed out MAF Req (WGDC)


Nov 5, 2016
Los Angeles
Hey guys, a little help would be appreciated. Hybrid turbos, MHD only with scaled map on 3.5 bar sensor. 5000 ft altitude. The car won't target higher than 26 psi up top because maf req (WGDC) is pegged at its max of 569 in the high rpms. Increasing load request has no effect other than causing the maf req to peg at 569 earlier in the rpm range.

Boost limit multiplier is out of the way at 3.5 along with ceiling. What can I do to lower maf req (wgdc) in order to increase boost target? If MAF Max (Nanny) could go beyond 569 that would be the easy fix but obviously that’s not an option. Thanks in advance.
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