N54 MAD Auto Developments 1m goes 12.095 @ 126.3mph on 93

Hi guys just wanted to share our latest achievement

Our best before was [email protected] on 93 with a splash on e to make it e20 for knock control but can be run without it.

We managed to run 126mph on 93 running VTT gc's 2.0 with our custom plazmaman ic and plazmaman manifold

The only thing difference is the manifold and the YCW carbon fibre driveshaft from @MFactory

Now we are running 12.095 @ 126.3 mph on 93 with major wheel spin and traction issues in full street trim.

With some slicks I think 130mph on 93 wont be an issue but that's not what we are after

I only done two runs and the second was even worse for wheel spin and still managed 125 mph so we left for the night

You can see 1st and 2nd is just useless.

I'm not interested in running e85 as I think we can achieve the same goals on 93 if full street trim just traction is an issue on Sports Cup 2's.

Our goal is to have a fast street car that can be driven anywhere without the need for e85.

We went to the drags not to achieve fast times but to see how the mph has improved and its quite a difference as we knew traction will be an issue.

We started of heat soaked with 120f iat's so it wasn't the most ideal run either.

Need a fan over ride to keep things cooler whilst staging up for 20 min.



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