M57N / 6HP transplant


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Mar 7, 2020
Hi All, not sure which would be the best forum for this thread but since the 6HP appears to be the least understood aspect here it is.

I have a project about to get underway and I would appreciate any advice from those knowledgeable about the ZF 6HP.

In brief I will be retrofitting the M57N engine and 6HP gearbox from a 2004 e61 530D into a 2009 Landrover Defender. The M57 engine swap into a defender is gaining popularity all the time, for good reason, but the use of the ZF 6HP seems very rare. My understanding is that the TCU (transmission control unit) uses many signals from the DSC to control shift behaviour and whilst retaining all these features would be nice, ideally I would like to not have the complication of the DSC in the defender.

I believe the TCU can use the alternative speed sensor on the gearbox output in place of a wheel speed signal from the DSC so hope that the TCU will function to an acceptable standard without it, however I’m preparing to delve deeper.

I would love to hear Peoples experiences and thoughts on this conversion. Thank you in advance - Mat.
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Sep 6, 2018
here is the best place, use Landrover 6hp is a nice try. but as I know, the 6hp on the LR is not reliable.