M3/M4 S55 Billet Intercooler Updated version


Nov 7, 2016
Chicago, IL
As many of you already know, we make a billet intercooler upgrade for your S55 Powered BMW. Recently we have made some updates to the billet end tanks to include two 1/8" NPT ports for either meth or nitrous injection.


Performance industry experts for the S55 powered M3/M4 asked us to create a better performing air/water intercooler for the F8x M3 and M4 to improve cooling. We have done exactly that. This bar and plate core is USA made and over 75% larger than the OEM cooler.

Used by the worlds quickest and fastest record setting M3's and M4's. When your BMW requires the best in charge air cooling to make the maximum horsepower, look no further.

The end tanks are CNC machined from solid pieces of billet aluminum. They start off as 35lb chunks of aluminum and end up at 3.5lbs. Every intercooler we sell will have the fit and finish you expect from an Evolution of Speed product. This intercooler and it's parts are entirely made in the USA.

This unit is totally plug-n-play. Inlets and outlet are placed in the same location as the OEM cooler so you can retain your factory charge pipes. The factory expansion tank is retained as well as the bottom factory mounting bracket. Factory hoses attach directly to our adapter fittings. Also if you want to run your own custom water lines that's no problem, just remove our adapters for the factory lines and use -8an ORB fittings instead!