M135i Speedtech ST3 in Colombia


Dec 9, 2017
2014 F21 M135i PWG now with Speedtech ST3 efr8374 start first days on low boost on streets and using 91oct fuel.
Great work on installation it took about 1 day for dissambly and another day to install Speedtech ST3 with some minors modifications on this F21 chassis.
Car was running FBO, Port Injection, Fuel-it stg2 fuel pump, bef and @luchocampusano on JB4 + road/track settings.

In the past using PS2 best e.t. of [email protected] with 1.91 on 60ftwith some weight reduction on a not perfect drag track using hoosier drag radials.

Now with street tires the customer is really happy with the performance of the car at low boost :
Dragy user @Jcpaezg
I will keep uploading more information time to time to see his progress on this beautiful blue beast M135i ST3

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