Looking for 2c6a and 2c7e o2 sensor codes (stock 3rd gear pull MHD logs)


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Apr 27, 2021
Hey guys,

First log for my still-stock N54 335i. Just wanted to see the overall health of the car here.

Car has 100k kms, fully stock. Running 95RON fuel.

Looking after some 2C7E+2C6A codes which appear randomly. Car seems to run fine though.

I recently got new 4 bosch o2 sensors (2 front +2 rear).
Plugs are 5k kms old.

Here my conclusions:
  1. Turbos meet ~9psi target boost without evident problems (turbos should be OK then, I guess).
  2. AFRs seem OK and both banks follow each other (so codes should not be coming from bad 02 sensors, anyways they are brand new).
  3. Rail pressure almost always above 2k psi, seems good to me.
  4. STFTs seem to be Ok to me.
  5. There are maybe too many timing corrections, don't know if this should be related to some missfiring and thus the codes i am getting. Do you think especially Cyl 4 corrections are suspicious???
  6. there is a throttle closure, i guess due to DSC being active, don't mind that here.
  7. Low press fuel sensor seems good.

Do you guys agree with my conclusions and/or see sth suspicious related to 2C6A and 2C7E codes?

LOG HERE!!!!!!!! also attached.

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