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May 18, 2018
Hey guys name is m3atloaf been lurking on here for a long time never posted but it appears I need to participate in order to send PMs. Been with the N54 platform since 2017. Had a e46 ZHP 330i but got rear ended 4 months after purchasing it. A really nice 70k mile e90 n54 335i 6-speed got traded in at the dealer I used to work at. Was hesitant at first buying a used turbo BMW but it was cheap, manual and in decent condition so I grabbed it. I have been hooked ever since and daily it. The mods on my car include:
  • RB external PCV with plugged head ports
  • ER charge pipe
  • AWE Diverter valves venting to atmosphere
  • Walbro 450 Fuel pump
  • VRSF 7 inch inner cooler
  • MHD stage 1+ tune as well as ethanol maps
  • AC vent boost gauge
  • BC coil overs
  • Aluminum rear subframe mounts
  • Rogue Engineering transmission mounts
  • 335is clutch
  • Poly front thrust arm bushings
  • Short Shifter
I have worked on BMWs in a dealer setting for 11 years but recently got out and moved into aerospace building rockets designed to get small satellites into low earth orbit. If you guys have any technical questions feel free to ask.