Location of all Ground straps on an e60 N52 530xi?


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Aug 25, 2020
Does any one know where all of the ground straps are located on a 530xi? Im at 163,000 miles without replacing them and already had one fall out of my car when I jacked it up. Looked quite corroded and frayed, but I dont know where it came from to replace it. Its causing my battery to drain over night and my alarm going off. Already switched out the malfunctioning hood switch, aerial antenna (pink connection came off), corroded Headlight controller module, corroded mpm module, positive battery safety cable, and battery. I checked for corrosion on all of the circuits. Checked relays and fuses with multimeter all good. My money is on the ground straps causing the drain. Please and thank you!


Nov 24, 2017
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I can appreciate the work so far, but I am quite certain a missing ground strap is not causing your battery to drain.

It has to be fixed for sure, but your root issue is elsewhere I am afraid.
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Nov 6, 2016
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Agreed. A ground strap is not going to cause something to draw current when the car is off. I have seen many Bluetooth aftermarket devices stay on when they are supposed to be off etc. I would look at anything not 100% stock. You could always clamp on a meter and track it down if you have one, but most don't.

You can also just make your own ground straps up. Get some 1/0 to 4 AWG car audio cable, some lugs, heat shrink and have at it. They will last longer than the BMW gnd straps which corrode MUCH too fast. One failed on my X5 after 7-8 years which is bullshit.

Google or look up the big 3: https://learn.sonicelectronix.com/h...xbwapHR4mbgcq5ahhDDOoLtenLa-Lu8saAoOZEALw_wcB