JB4 G5 Board w\ Anti-Lag, Rev 3 Bluetooth, and 2 Data Cables

Nov 14, 2016
North Wilkesboro

So.. I have decided to sell my JB4 and accessories and go full flash only

JB4 works perfectly fine, No bends, Clean Connectors, and the only physical damage is some very light scratches from the ECU box. (Doesn't affect the actual unit)

I am willing to ship within the US.

PRICE: Looking to get between 500 - 450

Total Retail Cost of parts:
JB4 - 479
2x Data Cables - $70
Anti-Lag - $35
Rev. 3 - $140

I can upload pics if asked for, currently IT IS still installed on my car but, I am uninstalling and flashing over tonight!

Please Contact me via E-Mail or PM me regarding this offer: [email protected]
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