Jul 22, 2018
Northern California
2004 BMW 525I
ok so I was able to install the software using "MIKES BMW STANDARD TOOLS" "EASY INSTALL & SET UP", I got the drivers all working & the cable. When I connect the car and use inpa the program works fine to read error codes as well as the info and id options but anything more than that is where it gets tricky. When I try to go any further using inpa, specifilly when trying to read either the analog or digital values two things happen, the first is that inpa then converts back into german so I am unable to read the menus in order to know what I am selecting, the next thing it does happens after I click into one of those options, the green bars will pop up and right after a box pops up saying something about a api error of some kind, if I hit ok it does it again and again until I hit stop script and then I believe the cable stops connection to the car or may move to give the next value only for the error to pop up again, does anyone know where I can begin to trouble shoot this?