Ignition Timing Help

Jun 2, 2022
Hello, i am needing some advice and guidance on ignition timing. It appears my timing advance is very low based on my fueling (e50), mods, and tune. I don't see anything obvious that would indicate that my timing advance wouldn't be much higher. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. If anyone see's a problem, i'd love your feedback on what you'd try first or a point in the right direction. Please note: jb4 Average Ignition Retard is 0

N54 335is 6mt
JB4 + MHD BEF - Running Flex Fuel BEF
full bolt on with inlets and catted dp
stage two bucketed lpfp - Walbro 295
Fuel-it ECA
B58 Coils and Plugs gapped .024
Stock turbo's



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