SOLVED Idle at 2k not possible, can't keep RPM steady at standstill above 2k.


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Jan 22, 2021
Hello everyone
Been chasing this issue and I am looking to see if someone has tried something similar.
Upgraded Twins, 4x HJS cats, intercooler, pipes, air filters and such. Engine is built (rods+pistons) + head ported and schrick cams.

The car has been running this setup last year and runs fine, but always had an issue trying to keep the steady RPM above RPM steadily, at standstill, this is required during emission testing, and the test is coming up this year.
I've logged on this, trying to log different stuff parameters to see more but no luck.
Whenever I go above 2k RPM it just wants to go higher and RPM keeps going up without any further accelpedal input. You'll see in logs keeping it at steady pedal input -> throttle opens more and RPM rises.
Attached below is 3 logs I did, 2 almost identical, but different stuff logged and the last one I tried turning off linear throttle input, but did not help either.

Coldstart + 2k revs not possible 6/1-2024

coldstart + warmup + trying to idle at 2k

disabled linear throttle + trying to idle at 2k again

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.