hpfp warranty question

don detta

Nov 2, 2016
Northern Virginia
2009 E90 335i lci
Hey guys, i ran into a little hiccup today with my car and im curious about the hpfp warranty replacement we have on our n54s. I have a 2009.5 335i e90 with dci, cat-less dp, ae exhaust, jb4 (pre g5 board) running on map 2, and running the stock lp/hp fuel pumps. My car just threw a couple codes (29F2- Fuel pressure system, fuel pressure & 29DB- Smooth running, segment time measurement) a little after getting onto the highway today.
I was in 3rd gear putting load on it all the way to about 6k and then the car went into limp mode/stalled. It felt like it started to decelerate and noticed I wasn't getting power on acceleration, so I tried to pop start it but failed. I pulled over had the engine off a couple seconds and turned over on the second try. The codes are on the dme but doesn't have any check engine lights and the car seems to run fine as of right now.
My question is before I take this car in to the dealership, how can i get my fuel pumps replaced under warranty without getting flagged for the modifications I have on the vehicle at the moment. What has others members done/ experienced and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys!


Nov 7, 2016
2010 BMW 135i
Due to the fact its a recall item you are usually okay with mods on the vehicle. I know several guys who got their injectors and HPFP's swapped out with FBO ++

I had all my injectors and 3 hpfp replaced with too. Only catch is you have to return back to the stock DME flash AND there has to be codes stored AFTER your flash back to stock. They won't do crap without hpfp related codes.

Mike @ XPH

Platinum Vendor
Nov 18, 2016
Las Vegas
Unless you know someone at the dealership, they probably will not fix it under warranty with all your mods. At this point its cheaper to just buy one online and get it replaced somewhere else