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Sep 3, 2023
Hello all, just joined spool street to hopefully gain some knowledge going forward with my old e90. 335xi, n54, 6hp.
So far this car is my daily driver, just been keeping up with maintenance and a few mods. Arm down pipes, mhd stage 2 tune, fortune auto coilovers…. Nothing fancy. Just got done doing the rear main seal and a bunch of other maintenance stuff while I was in there, now my turbos started rattling like mad. Got the MHD wastegate rattle fix maxed out which helps the annoying rattle but I definitely notice it in the drive ability . Doesn’t spool nearly as fast. I’m looking to upgrade the turbos now. I wanna keep this thing a daily driver, easy 93 pump gas fill it and forget it. Not looking to make 800 hp, just as fast and reliable as possible with drive ability at the top of my priority list. Hydra 650’s look like the ones to beat right now based on my little research. I’m really looking for the best bang for the buck. Quick spool, reliable, no more than 500hp. What say you, the spool street forums?
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