Fuel-It! F-Series N55 Stage 3 LPFP Upgrade Testing


Nov 3, 2016
Hey guys,

We've been getting a lot of requests for an F-Series N55 Stage 3 upgrade so we thought we'd do a little testing.

We can do a Stage 4 now just like we do for the M3 and M4 but frankly that is overkill for this platform at the current power levels. The stock motor has shown that about 600whp is the "safe" limit. Our current Stage 2 flows approximately 1.3GPM and does well for those that are making 500-550whp on E85 and mixes. However on the bigger single upgrades that pump can't keep up to hit the 600whp mark, especially with PI and E85 mixes. In addition we wanted to resolve the DME codes that some of you see when running an upgraded pump assembly.

Consequently we set out to develop a design that allowed the stock pump to remain stock, controlled by the DME without the additional strain put on the EKP, but under high boost we wanted to bump those flows up enough to support the current power limitations of the platform. In doing so, we achieved the following results.

New stock pump flowed .9GPM
New stock pump with stage 3 upgrade and secondary activated flowed 1.8GPM.

The gains with the Stage 3 setup is 38.5% more flow than our Stage 2 pump and twice as much flow as the new stock pump. This should be more than sufficient to max out the current power limitations of the stock motor and keep the DME happy.

Here's the test video...

The key points about this setup that are...

*Daily driving pump remains stock so no DME errors or pump warnings
*Stock pumps are very cheap right now so this set up becomes very affordable even with a new stock pump included
*You retain your stock pump and can return to stock at any time
*No DIY or additional fuel lines to be added but we would recommend running our platinum or silver port injection kits so the primary fuel line is upgraded
*Return kit not required
*No permanent modifications required

If you are making over 500whp (preferably closer to 600whp), running our port injection kit and want to upgrade to this beta setup, drop us an email and we'll work something out. MSRP is looking like it will come in around $599 for this kit and that includes:

*New stock pump
*Secondary pump
*Wiring harness
*Upgraded fuel lines in the tank

Another option will be to upgrade the stock pump to a Walbro pump as well but frankly, we don't think it's going to be needed.

As always, thanks for the continued support :)