Fuel-It! E-Series Stage 2 DIY, Rev2 PI Kit & Trade-In/Upgrade Policy


Nov 3, 2016
FUEL-IT! E-Series DIY Stage 2, Revised PI Kit & Upgrade Policy Updates!!!!
Hi all, I figured now would be the perfect time to share some of the things that we have been working on here at Fuel-It! for the past few months. We pride ourselves in being innovative & creating the highest quality solutions for you guys.

Stage 2 "DIY"
This option is perfect for those of you who wish to do a "DIY" Stage 2 option, but at the same time would like to minimize the risk of tearing your own bucket apart! With this new "DIY" Stage 2 option you will only receive the upgraded bucket. You will not be supplied with a replacement tophat or float assembly, you will swap those from your existing OEM bucket, and only send us back your stock bucket.

Price: $299.00 after $100 core deposit/return

This option is perfect for some of you hands on guys, and a great way to pass along some savings in the process.

Link to DIY Stage 2: E-Series 135i and 335i Stage 2 LPFP Upgrade (DIY Option)



M3/4 PI Kit + E & F-Series Compatibility
We redesigned our port injection kits for the M3 and M4, and we've also made them compatible with the N54 and N55! Some of the big improvements to our "v2" PI kits are: no cylinder offset, thinner and lighter, no 90 degree elbow on the end of the rail to interfere with inlets, all anodized billet aluminum construction, and compatibility with our up and coming platinum LPFP's upgrades and return kits on all platforms!

Link to E-Series Rev2 PI Kit: E-Series Port Injection



Upgrade Policy:

Below is our revised Fuel-It! upgrade policy for the remainder of 2016 and into 2017. We truly appreciate the continued support and loyalty all of you have shown us over the years, it means the world. The quest for more power is never-ending, I honestly would call it an addiction lol, we hope that our new upgrade/trade-in policy will help you guys attain your current or new power goals, and help save you some money along the way. As always, thank you for choosing Fuel-It!


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