E89 Front Wheel Fitment


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Apr 4, 2018
2009 Z4 35i (N54 DCT)
For those of you looking for a more concaved look all around know the front fitment has always been a concern enough to make you choose a safer route. That’s not to say folks with an E89 won’t push the limits.

While installing my MPARS back on for the car to be sold, I used a second set I have and tried the 18x9.5 +25; fitted with Nankangs 265/35/18. See the results for yourself based on the pictures below.

I’ll have to pull the alignment sheet for front camber, so folks have an idea of overall setup.

My opinion:
For looks I’ve always loved those wide wheel/tire setups.
For function I’d rather stick with the 18x8 +13 with Michelin PSS 235/40/18 and still get that flush look. I love a little meat in my tires. Which are the authentic MPARS I have on the car now.