From Philly. Need help reading this log...


Dec 3, 2020
Hey guys. My name is Kaz and I have an 07 335i (N54), auto, 134k mi, FBO, MHD Stage 2+, V8.0, 93 oct. I figured this would be the perfect platform to troubleshoot an issue I'm having with my car.

The half engine light pops up and I occassionaly get a 30FF code when I'm at higher speeds on the highway (usually around 100 mph). I've never gone above that in this car. Today, I decided to log a run in 3rd at 2500rpm to replicate the problem (unsure how fast I got but definitely not 100mph) and sure enough the light popped up once I shifted into 4th. I have a good amount of wastegate rattle which I have the MHD WG fix set to 0 to eliminate the noise (with that comes more lag). Can anyone read this log and tell me what's going on? I've been experiencing this even before I went FBO and went Stage 2+. Thanks in advance: