Expired F chassis tune comparison n20/n26/n55/s55 - last update 09/13/2016 ** dinan sp added

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Today, I would like to write about the different piggyback options available for the BMW new F chassis cars. This market is oversaturated with tunes priced from a couple hundred dollars up to a couple thousands. Not all piggybacks are equal, which ones are worth it and which ones are not? Read this post and decide for yourself.
DINANTRONICS Sport Performance Tuner


Connects to TMAP sensor only
  • Easy install
  • adjustable boost 0 to 4 psi
  • Very reasonable price
  • Same tune fits the N20, N26 and N55 F chassis
  • No datalog feature
  • Does not have access to ignition timing
  • Does not carry the same warranty as other Dinan tunes
Burger Tuning F Chassis N20/N26/N55 JB+

JB+ connects to TMAP sensor only.
  • Install time takes less than 5 minutes
  • Adjustable boost ( 0 to +4 psi)
  • Costs less than $200
  • Really good resale value. Fits on most N20, N26 and N55 cars
  • Does not have access to ignition timing
  • No datalog feature
Active Autowerke Active 8 Tune

A8 tune works by connecting to the Manifold air pressure sensor, boost pressure sensor, camshaft sensor and air mass sensor.
•Since the A8 connects to the camshaft sensor, it controls boost by RPM. The ability to do so offers a smoother / more linear power delivery.
•9 different maps (Compatible with catted downpipe cars only and pump gas).
•A8 is offered standard with a waterproof enclosure.
•Install process is the most time consuming for a stage 1 tune (although it has quick detach button to uninstall the module, but not the wires).
$699 for Non-M models / $999 for M models.
AFE Module Scorcher

AFE scorcher connects to the MAP and TMAP sensors of the car. It alters the pressure sensor signal to increase turbo pressure.
•AFE is easy to install with only 2 sensors. It offers a clean solution for more power.
•AFE Scorcher offers no flexibility for the user. It is available with 1 map only and no option to adjust boost.
• It does not have the ability to control boost by RPM, the Scorcher adds a constant boost value across the RPM range.
$473 for Non M Models / $627 for M Models
Burger Tuning JB Stage 1:

The BMS JB stage 1 connects to the MAP and TMAP sensors and works by altering the boost pressure signal (identical to AFE and Race chip ultimate).
•Easy install, takes less than 10 minutes.
•BMS JB stage 1 gives its users the ability to increase boost if he / she is looking for a more aggressive map (will need an optional $35 BMS Data Cable).
•Weather proof box is optional and will cost an additional $59.
•JB stage 1 does not have the ability to control boost by RPM. It adds 3.5 psi across the RPM range over stock boost (value can be changed using the USB cable).
$379 for M and Non-M models
Burger Tuning JB4 Stage 2:
The JB4 stage 2 connects to the MAP sensor, TMAP sensor and Canbus. It is also offered with flex fuel wires for E85 users.
•Pre-loaded with 7 maps each optimized based on the car’s modifications and fuel. The Jb4 is also offered with a custom map allowing the user to set his / her own boost targets.
•The Jb4 controls boost by RPM. It also controls boost by gear and can set a max boost limit for the first 3 gears in order to achieve better traction control.
•The JB4 stage 2 can read / delete codes and auto clear the CEL code in case car has catless downpipes installed.
•The JB4 is compatible with E85 fuel as long as the mix does not exceed the fuel pumps maximum capacity.
•The JB4 is capable of gauge hijack and can control the exhaust valves for a louder exhaust sound.
•Ability to get free firmware upgrades from the user’s laptop without the need to ship the module back every time an upgrade is available.
•Option to get the Jb4 with a weather proof case; it will cost the user an extra $59 for the aluminum enclosure (No additional cost for M cars).
•In order to achieve all these pros mentioned above, user will need to purchase the optional USB data cable and / or OBD cable ($17 for the OBD cable and $35 for the USB cable).
•Install time takes around 45 minutes because of all the extra connections that the JB4 needs.
•If user does not purchase the OBD cable, JB4 will need POSI-Tap wires to connect to the Canbus.
Price: $529 for Non-M Models / $799 for M models (Aluminum enclosure and OBD cable is offered with the M series JB4 at no extra cost).
Race Chip Ultimate:
Similar to AFE and JB stage 1, the RCU connects to the MAP and TMAP sensors and work by changing boost pressure signal and tricking the ECU into making more power.
•Easy install
•Weather proof box (standard)
•3 different maps
•Cannot control boost by RPM
$679 for M and non-M models
ESS E-tronic Tuner
How: The ESS tuner connects to 4 sensors. Intake Cam shaft, Map, TMAP and MAF.
• Control boost by RPM for a smoother power delivery
• 3 different maps
• Standard weather proof enclosure
• One of the hardest stage 1 tunes to install
Price: $995 for all models
Dinan Tune


How: Dinan connects directly to the ECU to cover as many sensors as possible. It adds a constant boost value to the car across the RPM range (3.0 psi for stage 1 and 4.0 psi for stage 2).
• If BMW denies your warranty claim, Dinan will cover any damages caused or related to any of Dinan tunes or parts
• Weatherproof box
• CARB certified
• Tune monitors and adjust AFR / ignition timing for a smoother power delivery
• Increases water pump pressure for better cooling
• You get 1 map with each tune only
• Install time takes from 1.5 to 2 hours
Price: $1999 for the stage 1 and $2250 for the stage 2
Summary Table:
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