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Mar 10, 2018
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Since not everyone follows my niche build thread, I just wanted to come on here and share my excitement about EBC orange stuff and full-on track pads in general. I would like to hear about your experiences with track pads as well.


EBC orangestuff are the first "full" track-duty pads that I have tried, and the combination with endless brake fluid has blown me away. I recently entered two 1hr endurance-style races, the first on Pirelli slicks and the second using AD08R. Both ended in DNF, but after a total of two hours combined track beating, this is the front pad condition:


The pads have shown no signs of fade as of yet, and the level of friction is high when they are hot and bedded in. Cold on the street they are usable up to medium-hard braking, but not safe for hard and emergency braking. So while they feel awesome on track, the bite is bad on street. Surprisingly they don't squeal, but dust is bad.

Here's an overview of the pads I have tried and heard about. Please do share your experiences as well.

TypeMy evaluation
EBC Yellowstuff DP4032R/DP4003RGreat on street. Starts to vibrate after one lap at Ningbo International Circuit (4km circuit, very hard on brakes). I am not able to use this pad on track, but I know others have been able to use them for time attack. This brand of pads is now my preferred street pad.
PB Race Pads (highest grade from the TW supplier of my brake kit)Even better on street, bite harder than yellowstuff, but more dust and rotor wear. May vibrate/rumble a bit if emergency braking on cold pads, but stopping power is there. Lasts a good few laps on Ningbo Circuit, but then starts to fade depending on how much pad is left. Excellent dual-purpose street and time-attack pad. Not suitable for track sessions exceeding 15mins with my car.
EBC Orangestuff DP9032/DP9003Unsafe for street. Needs heat to work. Absolutely awesome on track. Suitable for 1h track sessions on my car.
Recommended by others
Pagid RSL2Used on the M4 GT4 for 1hr races. I am told that RSL1 wears a bit too quickly.
PFC 08Used on Barry's track car running slicks
GlocHave many different grades, recommended by @John@DBV2

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Nov 6, 2016
Nice. I've never used EBC pads. My track day pads have been HT-10s (not a fan); PFC08- long life, fair stopping ability at temp; Stoptech 34s- I have used probably five sets of these since I went BBK, they are cheap but don't last long, stop well; and just recently bought PFC99s on clearance from BW- these have been great so far, they are a retired compound. Of note, PFCs always have a clunky bed-in period where you will think your car is broken. Drive through that for a few laps and they settle in.
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Jan 31, 2017
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Might I suggest (based on heresay and not personal experience) CL (Carbon-Lorraine) RC6E pads? These are the bees knees supposedly, and cost a pretty penny too. Otherwise you can try one of the Endless endurance compounds, much longer lasting than Pagid RSL29 from what I understand.
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Jan 28, 2018
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we use the YellowStuff pads on several customer cars for street use without complaints. Two of them came from Cool Carbons that either vibrated like hell or wore out extremely quickly.