Engine Cutting Out on E50 MHD


New Member
Jun 13, 2018
2009 e92 335i
Hey all,
Posting this because I just had some weird occurrences happening with my engine today. I recently installed a stage 3 bucketless setup With the BPM4 EKP on my n54 and decided to give the MHD E50 map a go. Car has brand new injectors, 97506 spark plugs gapped to .22, downpipes, new coils, 7inch HD intercooler. Ran through a 1/4 tank of the mixture and car seemed to feel great but today I logged it and afterwards any time I got on the throttle my engine would cut. RPM’s would drop, oil temp gauge would drop then come back on. The only code I got was 2D5F reset which I’m having trouble finding information on. I have included my log to see if anyone has any guesses as to what might be going on... boost clearly wasn’t able to keep up either so probably dying turbos(replaced 60k ago under warranty)? Vacuum lines are all new along with valve cover and gasket that I did when installing external PCV. Perhaps the E85 mixture is off? Tune is having issues? I really don’t know. I do live in Colorado so thinner air and shitty fuel is common. Any thoughts would be appreciated.