EMP Tuned 6466 600whp dyno


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
Here is what the owner Derek Cobb had to say:

First off I can't thank Aje@EMPTUNING and Billy enough at EMP Tuning I have been following AJ for a awhile now and have always wanted him to get his hands on my car. If you're on the pages then you know my story. For those who don't, it was a nightmare that started back in august from improper timing to cause motor knock, the use of speaker wire, and my favorite...dumps pointed directly at my coolant line. Needless to say months later a new motor, and redirected dumps, I thought everything was finally going well....until tuning. Still not having found a good tuner or shop to look over the new work done I was at a loss. After reaching out to AJ and talking over what needs to be done, he made me feel super comfortable and felt I was in good hands.
So yes, I drove 4 hours all the way down from St. Pete on a horrible tune and didn't even think I was going to make it.
....so I thought it was just a bad tune. That was until AJ and Billy gave it a once over and found. They found things that just blew my mind. What we thought was just a retune turned into, wastgates, downpipe, rewiring, rerouted O2's(way the car was so terrible and the tune was properly working), full exhaust (yes "THE" Kraken's exhaust! And it sounds amazing!), and finally a dyno sesh.
I have never been so taken care of ever through the time I've had this car. For some reason when it comes to bmw especially the N54's there are a lot of negativity (people and shops) and it's impossible to find the "Good Guys" amongst all of them. Well that's why I drove all the way down south. These guys are not only genuinely good people but they're the real deal. The level of expertise, knowledge, craftsmanship, AJ's tuning ability is second to none. I haven't had a smile driving my car since the first day I got it. Now I can honestly say this is the smoothest it has ever been and for the first time ever owning the car, I'm not worried one bit that something is wrong or is going to break (if you own a N54 you know how big of a statement that is lol). No matter how far they are or how small the job, I will make that trip a thousand times.
AJ and Billy are the only guys I would ever trust to even touch my car from here on out.
Finally after almost 9 months the nightmare is over, I have never been so relived.
Thank you so much!

The vehicle did the pass at 28 psi on e40 fuel. It's a stage 2 walboro pump in the back and all updated hardware. -12 Injectors, NGK Spark plugs at .018 gap and new coil packs.


Nov 3, 2016
2008 ST 335i
See this is what I'm talking about... why use a 6466 for 600whp? I just don't understand the ST choices this platform makes. At the same time, on 28psi It makes no sense that he's only making 600hp. Either way, why are people using such high powered turbos for such low power compared....
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Feb 7, 2017
Tampa, FL
2010 335i
I understand that you want to have enough room left that you are not pushing your turbo out of it's compressor map every day, but I agree with you. A 6466 is rated at 900hp and is over-sized if this is all the power that he intends to make. If this is just a stepping stone on the way to his ultimate build, this would make more sense.