e92 DRIFT CAR DME not responding

Feb 1, 2017
Okay so i turned my e92 into a drift car, full roll cage and limited modules in the car, i ran it for a couple events and it went into limp mode. Realized i had to connect the rear wheel speed sensors. I did that, i also decided i wanted to stage 1 MHD tune. I DROVE the car into the garage 5 days ago. Hooked up MHD the flash failed, i cant remember if it couldnt find the DME or if it just failed. I do know that now BimmerGeeks app and MHD both can NOT find the DME module and the car will NOT start. I checked all the fuses i believe to be associated with the DME, i also checked every 20+ amp fuse.

Here are a couple weird things that are happening, all of the sudden the key will NOT stay locked into position (you can pull it out whenever you want).
When you crank the car over, it wont start but you can hear the fuel pump prime. After i release the start button the dash lights stay on and the fuel pump keeps running as if the car was running, until i press the start button again as if im shutting the car off. Then everything shuts off.

Did my partial MHD flash brick my DME?
What else could cause nothing be able to detect the DME?

here are some pix cuz i love my car


new wrap



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Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
Yes without a doubt but it should be able to do a full write and save it. You need to borrow or buy a quality cable like bimmergeeks or one stop whenever a flash fails you will crank with no spark or worse. The fact it still cranks is good sign. I would stop changing anything and hook up a charger especially if yours is 08 or older it is very sensitive to voltage. That may be enough and could be culprit but like I said next step would be cable and mhd should do rest automatically upon connecting.
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Aug 7, 2018
Had a similar issue and turned out I had a bad cable. Purchased a new one, flashed back to stock, then flashed the upgraded map and all was well. I always connect a charger when flashing as well.

Also, we've talked on Facebook a bit. Here is the thread I referred to about the DME ignoring the torque reduction requests.
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