E90 325i N53B30 (MSD80) crank but no start


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Nov 14, 2022

Sorry for the N53 post in the N54 thread... the car has the same DME at least.

I'm having issues with my car after a Carly connection was broken off while doing diagnostics on the car due to a bad injector.

The car stopped while driving after I exit the application without closing down the connection to the car before doing so (yes I feel like an idiot, but future me and past me did not discuss that before it all unfolded)

So the status of the car is:
- Cranks for days but yields no fuel smell, or happy running car sounds.
- Can't connect to DME with ISTA+. I do not have access to ICOM next equipment to use ISTA-P ( or the software for that matter)
- The fuel pump won't turn off while the ignition is turned on...
- Loads of random communication faults.
- DME relay works, I have not measured the voltage in the relay socket (to-do list is being created atm)
- DME has 12,8 volts between connector X01 pins 1 and 3 (see pic below...)​


- the fault in the car that ista+ was able to give was that there was a communication fault to the DME most likely due to a lack of power to the DME.

I'm wondering if I have bricked the DME software and would need a new overwrite of DME and CAS from the Stealership to be able to maintain happy engine noises...

Help is most appreciated.