FS E89 Z4 KW V3 Coilovers - $1,595


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Aug 11, 2017
E89 Z4 35i, F10 535d
Folks, I have a set of KW V3 coil-overs (#35220087) which I am considering selling. Please message me if interested (for photos and details). These can be used on all Z4's, with M-sport or without M-sport.

Low miles as they came off a lease car. My price saves you $1,000 from new. Everyone that uses these will tell you they provide a better ride than the stock suspension, especially M-sport which rides rough in sport mode. See forum review below.

These come with OEM top perches, ready to install. Just unbolt your struts and shocks, bolt these in, set your desired ride height, and get an alignment.

Below I've attached a forum post which was a review of these for the Z4.


--- forum post review ---

Re: KW V3 Coilovers for E89 Z4!!

I'll keep this post as my "reaction" to the new set up.

WOW!!!!!! is all I kept saying on the ride home yesterday. The car is completely different. The car "feels" lighter, like it lost a lot of weight. Body roll? Whats that? The Z now tackles corners like there is no tomorrow. It feels so flat around a turn. I need to re-learn how to drive it, it's that different. Coming from completely stock to this, makes me feel like i have a brand new sports car.

Ride quality. The ride quality is simply Superb. I was expecting to have a harsh ride, harsh enough that you could hear pocket change rattle. It's stiffer that stock, thats for sure, but it's not annoyingly harsh or rough. And I'm on 19's. But the suspension has a tiny bounce to it. And I mean a tiny bit, no where near the bounciness of guys with cut springs or a missed matched suspension combo. It's not a constant bounce, it only really happens when their is some sort of dip in the road, and it like bounces back into place (1 bounce). Does that make any sense? Kind of how the Australian V8 Supercars bounce at times, I'm not claiming my car handles like the V8 Supercars, but almost

The car feels so planted on the ground. The stock ride was boat-like to me, very "floaty" and I felt disconnected from the road. Now I feel like I'm in full control of the car. The steering feels tight, I feel like there is a new tighter steering rack on the car. The steering wheel snaps back into place after a turn. My braking feels tighter as well, no nose dive, and I feel the Z stops faster.

The Z now feels neutral and light. Like it's ready to fight.
Was it worth it? YES!!!!! I definitely recommend the KW's (v3), if you want the ability to dial in your height and stiffness, and get awesome handling with out spending an arm and a leg, this your ticket.......