E60 Fuel Pump Voltage Fix Coding With ProTool


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Nov 7, 2019
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2010 535xi
Hey everyone, This is my first post on here infact first post ever on any forum lol. After this hoping to write up a bunch more and help where i can. Please forgive me where needed but im trying lol.

ProTool fuel pump voltage fix.
Why i encountered this issue is because of the Stage 2 PRW fuel pump i installed. After installation i got a message on the idrive say "Fuel Pump" and when id shut the car off id get the yellow car on a hoist on my dash.

I then scanned my car with ISTA did some searching around and came to the conclusion that the pump was pulling to much of a voltage from the EKPS for it to handle.
I contacted PRW about my issue and what would be my next steps or did they send me a faulty unit. They informed me that this was an issue with some of the EKPS in our cars and some of them encounter this issue and some dont. They continued to tell me to reach out and find a local coder and have them code the EKPS to the right voltage or i was able to do it VIA the ProTool app. I looked around wasnt able to find a coder that was able to get the job done so next thing was to go the ProTool route.
That being said i searched around in hopes of finding some help or guides on how to do it and came up with nothing and me being the person i am i said F*** IT! and just hopped in the car and hooked up the tablet and started messing around till i found where i needed to go so i thought id share my experience and maybe help a few.

First Few things.
1. Android based Device
2. ODBII Cable with OTG Attachment
3. Battery Tender
4. ProTool App
5. ProTool Coding Licensing
6. Somthing to clear codes and Reset Adaptations

Start by hooking up your battery tender as you should always when coding or messing around with serious stuff
then your going to turn the car to accessory plug in the ODB cable thats connected to your OTG cable then connect it to your choice of Android device then open the Protool App.

Once youve got it open it should prompt you with an option to connect through Wired, Bluetooth or Wifi. You should know which one to click if not its the wired one. Once you do all that you should be looking at a menu like this.


From there click on the DriveTrain section which will prompt you with a smaller sub menu where youll be able to see EKPS (Fuel Pump) and select EKPS

thats going to bring you to the fuel pump menu.

Click on the Functions Section for the Fuel Pump

Here youll see the EKPS Voltage fix make sure you make a NET file and save a back up of everything before you do any coding on anything anytime you code. Before i clicked the voltage fix i went back a step and I just clicked coding and it prompt me with the message to make a backup file so i did.

After i made a backup file i went back to the EKPS Voltage fix and pressed it

Then select Voltage Fix.

Once thats done doing its task back out of everything and close the app. Next your going to need to clear any CEL, reset your adaptation settings and turn the car off and let the car sit for 30 seconds to a minute to reset.

Once youve let the car sit you should take it for a run and do the 4th gear 80/km to 100/km pulls few times to relearn the values.

Hope this helps someone if anyone at all lol and hopefully its not already documented somwhere and i just missed it and did all this for nothing. I know my write up isnt the best but i tried please save your trash talk and only reply with facts and things i missed or question where needed.


Oct 18, 2016
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Fantastic first post, welcome!

Pro-Tool needs exactly this, some more documentation since there are just so many options.
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Nov 21, 2016
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Awesome going to do tonight!

Fantastic first post, welcome!

Pro-Tool needs exactly this, some more documentation since there are just so many options.

Exactly this! I find the lack of how to knowledge revolving around this product very frustrating and hard to come by. On more than 1 occasion I have had to contact them directly for help on this issue. The last one was removing the warning light for E61 rear Air back removal after installing coilovers. Maybe I will do a quick write up.
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