Dp fix help


New Member
May 10, 2018
09 bmw
Hey guys trying to get these SES lights off as its that time of year again I could use some help. 09 n54 single turbo kit.
So far Ive installed vrsf dp fix
Mhd flashed with diag codes engaged
Jb4 set to 0 with auto clear off. 1/4 on steering wheel
I still keep getting the SES light on. Its the dreaded 2c32 and 2c31. Ive reset 02/fuel trims in cammand mode 1/7.
I know the dp fix is messing with fuel trims Im gonna adjust and move forward hopefully works. Anyone have luck with those? Or should I remove and use the mhd flash settings anyone have luck with just mhd flash? I can have 1 monitor not ready to pass.
Any help would be great.