FS DOC Race Single Turbo Kit N54 with 6766 BB option **New** $5000


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Feb 4, 2017
E92 2008 335XI
Difficult decision but parting with the BMW build. Blew the motor, pulled it, it sat for a while, had the motor built, it sat for a while, purchased the turbo kit mounted it on the engine, it sat for a while, and now pulled the turbo kit off to sell it.
Note- The kit was never actually run - every thing is brand new

- Optioned with the 6766 ball bearing $5600
- upgraded oil feed to stainless braided line
- includes docrace shorty air filter (freebie)
- manifold, turbo, downpipe, (2) tial wategates, dump pipes,
- Also works with the AWD, dump tubes clear the tcase
- valve cover shield
- vacuum lines,
- all the fittings, nuts and bolts
- aluminum coolant pipe, water pump 90 degree hose
- will need a new oil drain plug i tapped that in and then pulled it - it will be included
- will need new exhaust gasket rings
- im sure forgetting stuff thats included

Feel free to ask questions

Save $600 off the MSRP

Text me for faster response 586-five30-460*9
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