FS Dinan Intercooler FS - $600 plus shipping


Apr 19, 2017
335i e93
I am thinking about selling my Dinan Intercooler (MSRP: $1297) for $600 plus shipping. I have had this unit for 5 yrs with zero issues, zero turbo lag etc. I am selling to finance an experiment. I have always used Dinan products and so far they have proven very good in terms of hardware quality.

However, I want to know if other aftermarket intercoolers are comparable or even better and want to be sure that it's not mental bias on my part. So I plan to apply this money to buy a Stett intercooler and report on that unit vs. a Dinan unit.

I have scoured the web looking for any comparisons and proper reviews of the two units and there are none. Thus I feel an uncontrollable urge to make this review/comparison.

I will have to come up with an additional $400 to cover the rest of the Stett unit, but I am willing to do this.

This Dinan IC is for the non-M sport 335i only. Do not buy if you have an M-Sport bumper. This Dinan unit has 3 coins epoxied to the underside to protect against the three metal screws that scrape against the intercooler underside. Do not remove the coins or you WILL soon have 3 holes through the underside of the intercooler from the bumper metal screws.

I can send photos if requested.... the unit is currently installed in my car and must be removed to take photos so it may take a while. If purchased, I will inspect and run brake cleaner through the internals and force air through to completely clean and dry the unit.