DCT clutch control


Jan 9, 2018
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I was picking up an M4 flywheel from Seems Legit Garage yesterday and was talking to Mike, about his race car. It's an E46 with a DCT and he showed me his Race steering wheel and how he coded the bottom paddle to be his clutch. This blew my mind. Now he has an aftermarket DCT control module so the functions are a lot differant then OEM but I started thinking, why can't we program the OEM in the same way?
I don't know any DCT tuners but I know myself and I would think most DCT owners would LOVE this.

Let me know your thoughts on this? Maybe we can have xHP look into it?

This is not the same wheel Mike has on his car but it's pretty close so you get the idea.



Oct 27, 2019
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Um, it may be possible via diagnostic commands over CAN. I've actually been working on a project that may involve this. Iteration 1 didn't have direct clutch control but did everything else:



Feb 22, 2018
135i 2011 DCT
I think this could be the clutch-kick feature from: http://www.maxxecu.com/webhelp/input_functions-dct_clutchkick_or_burnout_mode.html

I was thinking it would be possible.
Everything else can be copied raw from PT-CAN to Fake-PT-CAN.
Unless you have extra features in mind.
One, that I am thinking of is clutch-kick. According to MAXXECU, it seems that the software already has a way to open clutches, so it should be easy to implement.

I am thinking that perhaps the wheel speed intercepting solution could become a separate thread at some point. There surely will be more things to cover like safety, making sure the car goes ok to deep sleep, extra features ;)
But could for example may require interepting engine torque going to transmission. Idk

I lost interest in that, since XHP (GTS) firmware achieves some of that with kick-down switch. Only for 1st gear though:
9. To my great, great, great surprise, contrary to what XHP suggested to me, the kick-down launching (allows RPM to rise and then apply clutch) works with non-zero speed. I think it does that as long as the RPMs are below the specified threshold, or basically there is no room for rpm to rise anyway. It works only in 1st gear, but that is good enough for me. It works in any driving mode, but you really need to have accelerator kick-down enabled. What it does effectively is a clutch-kick when pressing kick-down. - Imagine driving around a small round-about and trying to slide the rear end. On old sofware, it would be really hard at low speed - the car would just accelerate gradually and eventually understeer. Here, you press accelerator kick-down, the RPMs rise (clutch slips) even though you were already rolling 10mph and then the clutch engages and you get torque surge and you know what happens next... At least my car would never be able to do that before. I understand why BMW didn't ship the car like that. It's a big liability, that with simply pressing the kick-down the car will slide around. But I love, it's easier than double-paddles hold in porcshe PDK. No fuss, just pedal to the floor.
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