Current state of MHD and Reflex Plus


Aug 3, 2017
Seattle, WA
2008 535i
So i've been out of the game more or less for 2 years devoting my attention elseware in my life. Now coming back to my N54 and I see there's a ton of new stuff in the MHD world and the relfex.

2-step, anti-lag, map switching, and CAN integration with reflex are just some of the changes that interest me. My car is kinda old school. JB4, MHD back end flash, jb4 pi controler, 19t turbos, FBO, etc.

To be clear, my setup has worked great for a long time. Map switching and easy phone control over pi and boost were the things that kept me using JB4 vs switching to flash only and needing a laptop to make quick changes at the track or when someone wanted to drive my car.

So i guess my question is, what makes reflex so special. From what i can infure, Id need to map edit on pc for mhd and again for reflex to make quick corrections etc. If i utilize mhd map switching, how does that effect reflex. Do i need to then plug in and make changes there too? I'm just curious is $1k and the time to swap everything to something else, worth it? Any info from folks with first hand experience would be great.


Feb 24, 2019
335i - 08 Coupe .
I have a well setup car with the old school MHD and split second controlling injection. The reflex+ offers some advantages in key areas of the tuning and in particular allowing the port injection to be properly integrated into the DME control. So you aren't doing a standalone static fuel map for the split second that the DME tune is them trying to adapt 'around' .
If you don't have port injection and are thinking about it. Then I'd say go for it.
I am switching my setup out for it in the next few months.