CP-E releases Mustang Ecoboost Stage One Precision Turbo


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
cp-e has put out a bolt-on drop in turbo upgrade using a Precision turbo for the Mustang Ecoboost:

cp-e Stage One Bolt-On Precision Turbo Mustang EcoBoost
The Ford Mustang EcoBoost comes with a ton of potential from the factory. Once you’ve bolted on the usual parts such as a downpipe, intercooler, charge pipes, and intake, you might feel like you’re just getting started. This turbo is unique because it will bolt in to the factory location and work with your existing modifications to the intake, exhaust, intercooler, and charge pipes.
This means that you can modify your car at your own pace and when you decide to go with a larger turbo, you won’t have to replace any of your existing modifications. Just add this turbo get ready to make some serious power.
The turbo is rated from Precision to make ~520hp when tuned with supporting mods.
(Stock Location 60mm Compressor Wheel)
• Direct drop in replacement (easy install, no adaptors needed) installs without modifications
• High efficiency NX2 compressor & turbine wheels (more horsepower better response, less lag
• Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing (durability and response)
• Investment Cast HK30 Stainless turbine housing (designed to withstand high temperatures)
• Divided twin scroll turbine housing (improved throttle response)
• Ported shroud compressor housing for enhanced compressor map width (low rpm response with increased top end performance)
• Includes new gaskets and silicone couplers including 3” in for popular intakes (aftermarket or stock intake systems)
• Capable of 520hp with supporting mods (with custom tune)
• 1 year No Fault- No Hassle Warranty
Precision Drop-In Upgrade Turbocharger Mustang EcoBoost Highlights
Twin Scroll Exhaust Manifold
The drop-in Precision turbo comes with a twin scroll exhaust manifold to aid in spool times and perfectly match the factory cylinder head outlet.
Internal Wastegate
In order to simplify parts required, an internal wastegate is attached to the turbo. This cuts down on needing to source an expensive external wastegate and removes the need for an aftermarket downpipe that reroutes the wastegate into the exhaust.
OEM Style Downpipe Connection
Providing true drop-in, OEM location fitment, this turbo is designed to use the factory Ford downpipe outlet. This means that you can use any aftermarket downpipe that fits the stock turbo.
OEM Style Turbo Inlet
The Precision drop-in turbo allows you to use your existing cp-e ∆Intake System, without requiring any modification. With all of the inlets and outlets of this turbo matching the factory specifications, you can modify your Mustang EcoBoost at your own pace and go big turbo without having to repurchase performance parts that you’ve already bought.