Counterfeit spark plugs


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Mar 25, 2023
Hi all

Bought these plugs one step colder plugs from a seller I have used multiple times in the past (different make admittedly) and never had an issue. I think they might have been "drop shipped" as they came via/from Hong Kong. I just feel the package is wrong with Chinese website and writing as well as some Japanese, the tube that covers the thread and electrode is about 1/2" in diameter to big, I expected a "pad" on the side electrode directly below the center electrode etc... First time buying plugs for N54 so maybe I am paranoid. Don't seem to have all the obvious defects shown on the NGK website. They weren't even cheap compared to other places, just I have used this seller a lot in the past. Weren't in stock but told me no problem to get. Appreciate any advice


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