Cold air, boost, timing, etc


Jul 2, 2017
So heres the thing. Its been colder than usual the last month or so. Iat's like 50f or so at night and I have been getting some ugly timing corrections on occasions. During the day and Iat's 70f + I have very minor corrections and on some pulls ZERO corrections. Full E85 and around 590whp. I have been told by a few people that its because the colder air is making more power. I understand this. My confusion is......if its because im making more power, how are people making 650whp to 750whp (substantial power over mine) with minimal corrections on the same fuel ? E85 tests good. These are things I been seeing with the same tank of gas, coils, plugs , etc. This has no relation. Just cold weather vs 20 degree warmer weather and the car is much happier. I thought the colder the air, the happier the motor SHOULD be ??