Coding with carly


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May 1, 2017
Its huge on
So thats why Im sharing!

Some of you ( I bet ) don't like buying stolen cars and get involved in a car fraud.
Some of you want an earlier fuel range warning...
Some of you want exhaust flap control...
Some of you just like coding and even some of you do indepth diagnosis along with CEL reading and clearing...
Well friends, then don't look any further you just need Carly.
Everything operated by your smartphone
( Carly PRO App required )
Don't believe me?
Allright, then this link is for you:

Copy & paste from

Heres an coupon code for the carly obd adapter wich shaves immidiately 5€ off from your amazon order, if you do it as following:
BEFORE you place your amazon order ,
send this
5 € coupon code
to [email protected]
Explain in your email from wich amazon you'd prefer to order (US/UK/Canada/UAE)
Then wait for Carlys reply containing your "special" 5€ coupon code.