code: 2FC7 and zero Boost


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Nov 5, 2016
Atlanta, GA
Hate to be the first to ask a "newb" question on a new forum lol but...

not sure if these codes are related.

All started after replacing a torn coupler (intercooler fell), and while at the same time I replaced BOV(HKS), chargepipe, water pump, thermostat, oil cooler and some miscellaneous parts.

Any idea what the 2FC7 code is, how to get rid of it, and if it's related to my no boost issue?


Nov 7, 2016
Toledo Ohio
Found this regarding 2fc7, might just be missing software update then clear module codes. Might no be

"i took today off to remotely from the house decided to install my factory alarm (thinking i would have it coded when i take my car in to the dealership next week to get the 2FC7 code checked out.) i got a wild hair and decided to update to the new JB4 firmware just released and while going through my menu options i noticed that i must have set up my gauges for metric or 535i while on the fly one day. i went through each menu option one at time and set them correctly. guess what??? no more code!!!!"
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