FS Built 2013 N55 Motor w/Forged Internals, PureSTG2 Turbo,JB4,FUELIT Port Injection


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Mar 22, 2022
Whatsup Guys im sorry if this post is too short but i need this out there asap.
You can message me for all the pictures you want and need.

I have a built 2013 E92 N55 Motor with Carrillo Rods and Pistons + King Bearings
with approximately 10k miles on it maybe less. I have all the paperwork for the build. Got rear ended pretty bad, and airbags deployed. I saved the motor, transmission, and bolt-ons.

I am trying to sell everything. Open to all offers. Money talks. No Low Ballers Please.

--2013 N55 Motor Rebuilt Bottom End @ 75k miles with Carrillo Rods, Carrillo Pistons, KING Rod Bearings
-- VTT Spline Lock Crankhub
--Pure Stage 2 Turbo PWG w. DV Upgrade, and High Flow Inlets
--Fuel It Port Injection 750CC, Upgraded Lines, Ethanol Analyzer, Stage 2 Walboro 525 LPFP
-- Spool FX180 HPFP
-- PR Ignition Coils
-- BMS Oil Catch Can
--JB4 w/ Bluetooth + PI Controller
-- VRSF Charge Pipe
-- VRSF Cat-less DP
-- PSP 900ic FMIC
-- BMS Air Intake
-- XHP Stage 3 Transmission

Motor comes with everything. Transmission, All harness', pulley's, pumps, ETC...

I also have a set of 3 Gunmetal Forgestar F14s Super Deep Concave: Front-19x9.5 ET22
Rear-19x11 ET25

Im in New York, i need to sell all of it.

Please Email Me/Message Me for pictures and more information.


Apr 27, 2021
You sell any of this yet? also just wondering what made you upgrade both hpfp and get PI?