bootmod3 Stage 2 OTS map finalized - 93 octane, dyno


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Oct 24, 2016
We got a chance to hit the dyno Saturday and finalized the OTS Stage 2 93 octane tune. :dance: The car is the same 6MT M4 we ran here on the OTS Stage 1 map.

Of note is conditions were warmer on Saturday than they were when Stage 1 was dynoed but unfortunately we haven't yet found a way to travel back in time but give us "2 weeks" and we might have a time machine ready to go :lol:

Here is a link to the Stage 1 93 octane dyno and details on the car:

We added decat downpipes and retuned. Only mods on the car are K&N dropin panel filters and decat downpipes. It picked up some really nice gains.

Here are 3 back to back runs on Stage 2 as well. Note that top end on the first of the three was lower and then it picked up due to adaptation after that which was great as car gets heat soaked when runs are done back to back which didn't seem to affect it much. Last run made the most power.

These are in smoothing set to 5.


Here's an overlay against the previous Stage 1 93 octane map including the original stock baseline. We set this to smoothing 0 to match what we posted before:


Downpipes on their own without any retuning added about 15-20whp without any retuning. We have probably about 1-1.5psi here over the previous Stage 1 and managed to add about a degree of timing or so without significant timing pull. Power picked up throughout the RPM range except at the very top 7k+rpm most likely due to efficiency of the turbo. Overall response of the car is also slightly improved due to freer flowing downpipes but even with our Stage 1 the S55 had virtually no lag.

Not shabby at all for ~22-22.5psi at the pre-throttle TMAP sensor, 93 pump gas (98 RON). 500whp/550-560wtq in a RWD car on street tires and just downpipes make this a a truly great all around no headaches performer.

Note that our dyno is not the most optimistic number producing of Dynojets out there given the lower baseline but that's dynos for ya and you can take that into account.

Another point worth mentioning is that this is just a representation of what we felt was a nice way to make for an OTS map but with bootmod3 and custom tuning possibilities are virtually endless. These maps can also be used in a stacked fashion with a JB4 if that's your cup of tea and find the JB4 features handy over what bootmod3 already provides such as PI fuel control, various external failsafes, boost target/map switching etc.

S55 OTS Stage 1 and Stage 2 pump gas maps are now officially available through bootmod3.

Question remains, what will the car pick up with an intake and a full exhaust? Any guesses?

Cheers everyone. Let us know if any questions at all.

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