PROMO bootmod3 custom tuning - F series N55


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Oct 24, 2016
As we're getting very close to the open beta release thought we'd throw together a screenshot of the map editor that will soon make it to a wider audience. What you see below is an editor that will come up for any bm3 user when/if they wish to take things into their own hands, or, work with a tuner of their choice.


For those comfortable enough to have fun in the editor you'll have access to close to 300 tables to adjust all of the tune aspects we also tune with for our OTS maps. Every table we touch will be part of the editor. Any new advances made will also be exposed to the editor on an ongoing basis.On the tuner front, we've built a feature into it to allow the end user to send their stock or tuned map to a registered tuner of their choice. Any current licensed bm3 user can register themselves to be a tuner. Those without an existing BM3 license will also be able to purchase a tuner specific license which doesn't require a DME unlock of their own car to offer assistance in tuning any given bm3 user seeking out their help.


More to follow on that very soon. We can't wait to cut a first open beta release for everyone looking to use it. We're hoping for lots of feedback and everyone is welcome :drink:With ultimate power comes ultimate responsibility...and good times